Out of the Ashes Sterling Silver Gemstone Chain Earrings - Iolite


Detachable chain - the upper organic studs can be worn alone, meant to be a kind of from day to night studs/earrings.


Wipe your face, straighten your shoulders, hold your head up high and keep going. You might not be able to make an impact on the whole world but you can touch one person's heart no matter how far away that might be.


Use your setbacks and disappointments to build something great one step at a time, Rome was not built in a day! you never know who you might be empowering to do the same. 


2.25mm Gemstone available in 4 colours:

- Amethyst

- Iolite

- Mozambique Garnet

- Peridot

Out of the Ashes Sterling Silver Gemstone Chain Earrings (Iolite)

  • Sterling Silver and Gemstone