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Below are some easy care instructions to help look after your Tehila Designs jewellery and keep it in great condition:

- Remove your jewellery whilst applying perfumes, makeup etc. Better still, wear them last after you have finished dressing up completely.

- Avoid contact with chlorine or other harsh chemicals.

- Store your jewellery separately to avoid scratches or entanglement, preferably place them in the individual Tehila Designs box it came in.

- Do not store your Tehila Designs jewellery with costume jewellery.

- The Tehila Designs gift box is non anti-tarnish therefore it is advisable to keep your jewellery in the anti-tarnish paper provided. (This applies mainly to sterling silver due to air pollution). To bring it back to it's original state just clean it with a soft brush in warm soapy water, rinse throughly and make sure it has dried properly with a clean soft cloth before putting it away.

- Extra care needs to be taken when cleaning jewellery which is yellow/rose gold plated - the plating wears off over time but can be re-plated; never use harsh substances to clean them, as mentioned above a soft brush and warm soapy water will do the job without having to use any chemicals.

- Never use gold plated/vermeil jewellery whilst in the shower or going for a swim as the chlorine in the water may discolour or permanently damage the piece.

- Jewellery with pearls are softer than other gemstones and scratches easily, clean pearls occasionally with mild soapy water only and make sure they are dried properly before storing away. Never use chemicals to clean them or expose them to excessive heat which may cause them to crack.

- In most cases jewellery with gemstones can be cleaned to remove dust by just using a clean dry soft cloth.

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