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We create luxury art pieces centered around emotional wellbeing for the purposeful individual.

The pieces are not to be regarded as just a form of beauty or body adornment alone, but to tell a story of how we can turn what might have been or appears to be a negative or stressful situation into a positive and beautiful outcome. The intentional bashes, irregular shapes and textures on the surface of each piece, tells a story about how life isn't perfect. The journey is equally important not just the destination.

The pieces have been described as 'appearing to be simple, sometimes delicate yet very effective, elegant, chic and very hard wearing.'


I retrained at Holts Academy London (now British Academy of Jewellery) and graduated with a Level IV professional qualification in Jewellery Manufacture and Design in late 2013, prior to that I worked as a Health Librarian/Cataloguer for over a decade.

I am a member of other creative organisations.

I hope you love wearing the pieces as much as I enjoy making them.


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